What is MTMH?

As we approached the end of 2017, we asked our Amalli Talli customers what they would like us to do more of in our blog posts, fully expecting to hear questions on ways to style different items, how we produce our pieces, etc.  However, what we didn’t anticipate was the number of requests that came through in comments, DMs and emails, asking us to focus more on how to be a confident tall woman and how to raise our daughters and granddaughters to be confident tall women.  There’s no doubt that we were both genuinely touched and inspired by what we read, and we knew that was a mission we would whole-heartedly accept!

After a few weeks of thinking and discussing, we decided to launch More Than My Height.  Don’t let the name fool you, we are proud tall women and we believe everyone should feel that their height is a true blessing.  But, we have so much to offer the world in addition to our height and it’s time for the conversations to evolve.  The name is a nod to this and also to celebrate all aspects of ourselves because we are more than just tall.  So therefore, our mission is two-fold:

  1. To educate our society on the negative impacts their comments and questions about height has for many tall girls and women, influencing healthier interactions.  
  2. To encourage and empower women to love their height while also recognizing the many talents they also possess. 

The first mission may seem ambitious – we acknowledge and agree.  But, we are stubborn enough to believe a difference can be made when we all come together as one.  For many, those interactions directly impact their self-confidence and how they view themselves.  Our belief is a lack of understanding and awareness is the root of the issue.  However, we live in an age where communication has never been easier, with social media and blogging platforms.  Let’s put those to work for the greater good, help society better relate to us and understand our perspectives.

It is our sincere hope that this becomes a platform where women come together, share stories, take inspiration and learn from each other.  Our vision is for everyone get to involved through contributing content and stories, as well as sharing on their platforms to aid us in the educational component.  We’ve said from the beginning, to accomplish what we all desire to do, it’s going to take a village.  An army.  A globe.  But together, teamwork makes the dream work.  If you have ideas for content, an inspirational woman to feature, or stories that could impact others – PLEASE share with us!  We’ve created the “SAY HI” page for us to easily be able to communicate.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you’ll join our cause!