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As two tall women ourselves, we have a lot of life experiences, stories and perspectives that we love to write about and share with you; but we thought we would mix it up this week and let you hear from some other really amazing people. We rounded up 8 stories from the world wide web that we personally loved or connected with. Hopefully at least one of the articles in this collection helps you gain some new insight on loving your height and everything else about you this week. Enjoy!

  1. How to Embrace Your Height as a Tall WomanOne 6′ woman shares the moment that made her re-think about her hesitation to wear heels.
  2. We Asked Real Women What Self-Love Truly Means and This is What They SaidWomen from a range of ages, backgrounds and life experiences define self-love, and you will be so inspired by their answers.
  3. 19 Reasons You Should Date a Tall Girl: Because we’re amazing, obviously. And 19 other reasons, too. 😉
  4. Notes on Being Very Tall: A personal recollection of life’s moments and experiences from a 6’8″ man.
  5. Mandy Moore is Embracing Every Change in Her Life: And she’s embracing her height, too. Find out what she says about being a tall girl.
  6. 21 Tall Women Wearing Heels Because Being “Too Tall” Isn’t a Thing: Enough said, are we right?! We love each of these 21 reasons justifying why you are ALWAYS allowed to wear heels.
  7. The Greatest Lesson We Can Teach Our Children is Self-LoveA great reminder that loving yourself is not only good for you, but for your kids, too.
  8. ‘More Than My Height’ Wants Tall Women to Know Their ‘Different’ Bodies Are Beautiful: Ok, ok. So it’s us again – but we just had to share our latest interview with A-Plus! We hope you love it 🙂

Have you read any encouraging or inspiring articles lately?! We’d love to know about some more good reads. Drop them below in the comments!





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