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The best advice we have ever received

I hit my first real substantial growth spurt in middle school.  I remember vividly being at summer camp with my cousin (we spent a week there together every summer & it was the BEST!), when this growth spurt came on and it caused my knees to hurt so badly I couldn’t even walk.  I kid you not, I literally fell down one morning trying to get from our camp cabin to the horse stable because the pain was intolerable.  And while that was probably the most memorable growth spurt, it certainly was not the last nor the biggest.  Between my freshman and sophomore years of high school, I had another pretty major one that catapulted me easily to the tallest girl in my class, school and likely even within our town.  And as many of you can probably relate to, it came with its challenges.  Prior to that, I always had the “comfort” of telling myself that even though I was tall, I wasn’t the tallest.  For some reason that was a safety net and a coping mechanism that I relied on, and it was really difficult for me when that mindset no longer could be applied.

I won’t lie to you – I wallowed it in off and on for a long time.  I hated feeling that different from the rest of my classmates, I hated the unwanted attention that it created, and I really hated not ever being able to find clothing or shoes that fit appropriately from the women’s section (hence the motivation for Amalli Talli later on).  And then our mom gave me a really good piece of advice.  Actually it’s a piece of advice of advice I’ve heard from her a loooot over the years, but that’s because it’s such a good way to program your attitude.  Her mantra has always been, “Mind over matter” meaning your mindset can carry you through whatever you are experiencing.  And for me, that was the type of advice that resonated.  She could (and did) say things like, “people would love to be your height” or “but it’s helping you accomplish your volleyball goals”, etc and it didn’t really seem to impact me at that time.  So one day she said, ‘You know what, Amy…. you can’t do a thing about how tall you are.  It’s how you were made.  So you can start to learn how to love it or you can spend a lot of time feeling miserable.  It’s mind over matter.”  THAT was something that hit me right between the eyes.  I didn’t want to spend a lifetime feeling sorry for myself.  I wanted to be comfortable and confident and that message started to transform my mindset.  It wasn’t an overnight fix, it definitely still it took me a lot of time and experiences beyond that to 100% learn to love it.  But it was absolutely the starting point to realize that I was actually the one who dictated my own confidence & happiness.  It was something I could come back to and think about when I was faced with uncertainty again.  Actually I use it to this day in every situation that I don’t want to deal with, but know I have to.  It’s now the inner voice in my head!

We are all different and what impacts or resonates for us is all different.  So we thought it would be great to ask for feedback on the best advice you have all received in overcoming your height insecurities, because you never know what will trigger a positive response for someone who could use in their height journey.  Thank you to everyone who weighed in and had some to pass along!  Here are some of the great responses that you shared with us:

  1. Always be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else.
  2. Being tall is amazing because you captivate the room without even saying a word. There is a silent power in that!
  3. You belong where ever you are.
  4. Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.
  5. You have so much more potential than you think you have.
  6. Being you is the most amazing gift you could be given.
  7. You are more than just your height.
  8. My 9th grade Spanish teacher told me I walked like a princess, gliding above the other students and she praised me for not slouching in an attempt to fit in!
  9. Mind over matter.

We loved every single one that you shared, especially the one reminding us that we are all more than just our height (hence our namesake!).  Do you have any other pieces of advice that someone shared with you and made a difference?  We would love to hear about it!  Let us know below in our comments.




  • Ana Alexander
    2 weeks ago

    Love this advice and your sweet mama! I am expecting a daughter this fall and this is one thing I am really worried about because it was so hard for me growing up (5’10 in 5th grade and 6’2 today). I am saving this advice to tell her someday when she is feeling down about her height because it does get better with age 🙂 Love you ladies, thank you!

    • admin
      2 weeks ago

      Oh that’s so awesome!! Congratulations, Ana!! I have had the same thoughts for my daughter too – but hopefully we can all be the best examples for them to follow! <3 Thanks so much for reading!

  • Elaine
    2 weeks ago

    Celebrate your difference. Carry yourself with confidence. Your height is not your only asset. More and more the world is celebrating diversity and difference. You are unique. Love yourself. 💕

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