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What My Resume Would Look Like If I Could Only Talk About Being Tall

Resumes are your chance to proudly (somewhat boastfully) write about your past experience, your accomplishments, and your skill sets – basically your chance to explain the various reasons why you would be a great fit for the company and the job you are applying for. I recently found myself thinking, what if resumes dove deeper into personality to get a better, more complete picture of a person? Essentially: What makes you, you? I think it’s fair to say that growing up as tall women, we have each encountered our own set of unique experiences that have undoubtedly had an effect on who we are as women today. This prompted me to think about what my resume would look like, if I could only speak about my height. This was a fun exercise because it made me take every experience I’ve had as a tall women (good or not so good) and turn it into a positive, advantageous trait that would help others understand my personality and my capabilities. Here is what my resume would look like if I could only talk about being tall:

Alli Black | Minneapolis, MN. Co-founder of Amalli Talli and More Than My Height. I have many years of experience living in a tall body. I am looking to leverage my knowledge and experience to encourage and inspire women to love their height. Through the years, my height has given me many valuable traits that will undeniably be beneficial no matter where my professional journey takes me.

I am thick-skinned.

I am used to people making comments towards me and have learned not to take it personally. These situations have forced me to have tough, sometimes uncomfortable conversations that have ultimately helped shape healthier interactions with others. I also know the feeling of people saying things to me beyond my comfort level. I have learned how to stand up for myself in an effective yet positive manner.

I capture attention.

When I walk into a room, eyes gravitate towards me. I have a way of captivating people before I even begin to speak. I do not let their stares intimidate me. I know my purpose and I am here to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

I am hard to forget.

My presence and the way I carry myself often makes it difficult for people to forget who I am. Once I meet with someone face to face, I can establish a great working relationship. They first notice my height, but later will remember my intelligence and kindness.

I am confident.

After years of doubting myself, I now fully believe in myself. I am my own individual and have thoroughly embraced my own uniqueness. I am comfortable and confident in my own skin. You can try to stop me or tear me down, but I promise you won’t.

I am empowered.

I love being a tall girl, but I know my self-worth extends so far beyond my height. I am smart, talented and hard-working, and I am going to change the world for the better.


What would you add to your resume if you could only speak about your height? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks for reading 🙂 -Alli



  • Jackie
    3 months ago

    I am open minded

    Having being a very tall kid before, a very tall teenager then and a very tall woman now, I learned on my skin what means to be different and how powerful are stereotypes. That’s why I never judge people from their physical aspect.

    • Alli Black
      3 months ago

      More people need to embrace that mindset!! Thanks Jackie!!

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