Loving Your Inches

Fixing the “Tall Girl Slouch”

When it comes to us tall girls, over 90% of us have a problem with our posture

Alright, we totally made that up – but we are positive that more of us than not have an issue with what has been deemed the “Tall Girl Slouch” (add that to the #tallgirlproblems list). Some of us may have developed this habit unintentionally, while others may acknowledge it’s from many years of purposefully trying to appear shorter. Unfortunately, the effects of bad posture are vast and some can be very serious (read more here). Thankfully, with some time and effort, your posture can be corrected. Brittany Jones of Brittany Jones Wellness (@brittanyjoneswellness) shows us how to reverse our hunching ways with a variety of exercises. The best part? None of them require a gym membership or fancy equipment! Now that’s a tall girl solution we can get on board with!

​Here’s what Brittany has to say about working with tall women:


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